Hello, hello!! I have been told I have to explain why I moved to Slovenia and why I am doing such project here… Well, let’s start!

I am currently living in Škofja Loka, beautiful town close to a river and between mountains, just like the rest of the country. The reason why I moved here was not because of the country itself but because of the project I am working on. My project consists of attending two schools – special primary school and ordinary primary school. In both places, I have the same role which is to be a volunteer. But you may ask yourself… what does being a volunteer mean in such a project? Well, for me, it means to learn by putting in actions. Once you are put in a class, a lot of the times it is your job to look around and see what you can help with. Teachers may be busy in their daily tasks, but you need to find your space in every classroom and help children and teachers to do their best. It can be challenging but that’s part of the learning process. My main motivation to be part of this project is to learn new methodologies as to how to be a teacher – because that’s what I studied in university. I thought that being in another country would help me see new ways of teaching and then hopefully, be able to apply them in my own teaching professional practice. 

This project lasts 11 months and I live with 4 other flatmates from different European countries. Each of us has their own project in their own places but we still share a lot of the same interests since we all work with kids and young people. The language of the project is of course English and don’t worry about Slovenian people because mainly all of them speak very good English!

At the beginning of the project, I got to meet a lot of local and new people who have been around EVS volunteers for a long time and they are really friendly and easy-going. Hiking, books, climbing, traveling, and learning how to play the guitar are my absolute highlights and free-time activities perfect for this time of my life 😊 Below, I will leave you with some of the pictures that I will always bring with me after this project!

Have a nice time and see you!!