MOVIT mid-term trainings

Europe Solidarity Corps volunteers have the opportunity to participate in on-arrival and mid-term trainings organized by the Slovenian national agency MOVIT.

Our volunteer Ester is sharing her impressions about the mid-term training that happened last month.
About three weeks ago, we went to the mid-term training. What is this? Well, during your ESC year, you have an on-arrival training and then you get another one called mid-term. For this occasion, we joined other volunteers in Slovenia and gathered in Terme Čatež for 4 days. There, we had the chance to enjoy the nature surrounding the area as well as the thermal spots. It was also a very nice opportunity to get to know new people and find things in common and things in which we differ, both on a personal level as well as on a working level. This training focused on checking whether our expectations for our projects are being met and whether we are content with our organizations and what they are providing to us. In general, it’s a chance to relax, reflect, and enjoy being present. This training gave me exactly what I needed: a space to be away from my routine, to disconnect from screens, and to just reflect on my ESC project so far. It is important for me to look back on what has been happening and make a review of it. Thanks to this review, I now know more clearly the best way to move forward.
Ester is also sharing some pictures from the training 😍